What Are the Best Meta Audiences?

What Are the Best Meta Audiences?

Come learn from our marketing experts, as they share which Meta Ads audiences are their favourites!

Meta Ads (previously Facebook Ads) have different types of audiences that you can choose from. When running an advertisement, picking the audiences that will help you reach your targets is crucial. 

Watch this video to know why Custom and Lookalike audiences should be top choices in your arsenal.

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We hope this video was helpful! You can find below a brief summary of the audiences that were discussed, to refer back to. 

Custom audiences are created using website data from customers who have visited your website, interacted on social media, or are part of your email list. This allows you to build a target of potential customers who have already shown an interest in your brand. 

Lookalike audiences are modelled on your existing audiences. This a great way to reach people with similar interests & characteristics to your current customers. These people will therefore have a higher likelihood of converting.

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Frances Dubreuil
Video & Graphics Editor

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