It takes a bit of magic Science to grow your google ads search campaigns.

It takes a bit of magic Science to grow your google ads search campaigns.


Team up with the agency that has mastered the art of making your Google Ads SEO campaigns succeed. We maximize sales and return on ad spend using unique Google Ads performance data and optimizations.

<imajery>’s Paid Search Marketing services include:

  • Search and Display campaign management

  • Google Shopping and Smart Shopping campaigns

  • Google Dynamic Remarketing and Search Remarketing (RLSA)

  • Keyword research and bilingual ad copy

  • Full-suite web analytics and Google Data Studio reporting

  • Dedicated account management team with weekly touchpoints

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Paid search is complex, and businesses need to evolve to stay ahead of the competition and maximize their search rankings. <imajery> has been a leading Paid Search marketing agency since 2010. We work with large ecommerce brands and local small businesses to drive effective, measurable and profitable results.

— We get it done.

We are a Google Partner and one of Montreal’s top digital marketing agencies. Our team has Google Certifications in Search, Shopping, Display and Mobile.


Clients like Bouclair, Le Chateau, and Goldwater, Dube rely on <imajery> to expertly manage their paid search campaigns and deliver consistently high ROAS.

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Why Use Paid Search?


Target Your Buyers

We use advanced audience and keyword targeting to target the right person with the right message at the right time.


Pay For Performance

Unlike traditional media, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad and visits your website.


Make Smarter Decisions

we use quantified data to constantly optimize campaigns. Data makes us smarter, and your campaigns better.


Stay On Budget

Whether you have a small or large budget, we’ll use the right campaign tactics to maximize your reach and drive the most buyers to your site.

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