Can ChatGPT Optimize Google Ads Campaigns?

Can ChatGPT Optimize Google Ads Campaigns?

ChatGPT should be part of your daily marketing life. We've all been dazzled by its digital flexes: it can write copy, compose SQL queries, generate SEO keywords - and that's just the beginning.

But can ChatGPT run Google Ads? 

Effective Google Ads management needs more than language skills and code production. There's an art and a science to crafting sustainable, consistent, high-performing ad campaigns. Operating Google Ads takes more than just intelligence – it needs wisdom.

So I put ChatGPT to the test. I asked my favourite AI bot three questions I would expect any wise Google Ads marketer to answer and defend confidently. And "defend” is the critical part – while any marketer can offer opinions (trust me), savvy, experienced marketers will justify their rhetoric with substantive rationale sharpened from countless campaigns. 

Does ChatGPT have the marketing chops to run Google Ads? Let's find out.

Question 1: List 3 Google Ads campaigns that would be effective at delivering sales for an ecommerce retailer

ChatGPT’s Answer

Chat GPT's Answer to Question 1

My Take

Like any good marketer, ChatGPT is hedging its answer. It needs more info on our mystery brand, landing pages, ad copy, and targeting bid strategies. ChatGPT wants to know what my goals are (sales). That’s completely legit. Context brings clarity. 

I’ll forgive ChatGPT for citing the now defunct Shopping Ads instead of the new champ, Performance Max. Afterall, ChatGPT’s training data cuts off in 2021, and Performance Max only replaced Shopping Ads as a campaign type in 2022. With the information available at the time, this answer is solid.

Display Ads are not a good option. Too upper-funnel and low-intent. I’d expect a seasoned marketer to pitch Discovery Ads or Search Remarketing ahead of Display. ChatGPT makes this trickle-down economics argument that brand awareness leads to sales.

Sure. But it doesn’t rank in my top 3 ecommerce campaigns.

What really made me smile is how ChatGPT ultimately defers to us, the marketing experts:

“It's important to work with a professional and experienced Google Ads specialist who can help you create and manage effective campaigns…”

With all this fear that AI will take your job, here is AI doing our job for us, generating referrals for digital marketing services. 

My rating: 3/5

Question 2: List 3 Google Ads tactics that will help me achieve my client's target ROAS

ChatGPT’s Answer

Chat GPT's Answer to Question 2

My Take

Pretty good! Smart Bidding is the absolute right tactic, and I’m glad ChatGPT flagged it as #1. Smart Bidding leverages Google’s powerful machine learning to optimize campaigns towards conversions or conversion value. It can be incredibly effective at both achieving targets and scaling growth. The irony of an AI tool recommending another AI tool is just chef’s kiss good.

Ad Relevance and Audience Target optimization are also spot-on. Both will reduce CPC, increase CTR and conversion rate, and lead to a lower CPA. Absolute evergreen optimizations that should be in any deft marketer’s continuous cycle of testing and observation.

What’s missing? Landing page opts, high-value product or keyword targeting (and low-value exclusions), leveraging brand or promo callouts. But honestly, I’m impressed. ChatGPT’s answer is solid, and highly-defensible. Any digital marketing agency would do well to follow this list.

My rating: 4/5

Question 3: What are the top 3 qualities in an effective Google Ads marketer?

ChatGPT’s Answer

Chat GPT's Answer to Question 3

My Take

This question is sneaky, but I think illustrates a contrast between a highly-competent human Google Ads marketer and its inevitable potential AI counterpart. Fundamentally, does ChatGPT have any of the 3 qualities it celebrates?

Not quite. 

ChatGPT can produce data, and automate a copywriter or analyst’s tasks. But does ChatGPT engage in strategic planning and complex problem solving? Nope, and it isn’t soon likely to carry out these functions at a human level. 

Creativity and adaptability are what humans use for effective decision-making. ChatGPT doesn’t think. Its output is fantastic and myriad, but not strategic.

That said, I do agree with this list - good marketers who nurture these qualities will have stellar careers, happy clients, and produce stunning successes.

My rating: 5/5

So, can ChatGPT optimize Google Ads campaigns? Absolutely yes – if used as a tool wielded by an able, experienced Google Ads Marketer.

In a contest pitting Knowledge vs. Wisdom, humans still come out on top. But don’t just take my word for it:

Chat GPT's Answer to Question 4

After reading this article, will you be using Chat GPT for your Google Ads? Share your thoughts with us on Instagram!


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VP Growth & Marketing

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