The Definitive Black Friday 2023 Guide: Expert Strategies Revealed

The Definitive Black Friday 2023 Guide: Expert Strategies Revealed

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Read <imajery>’s digital marketing holiday guide for agencies and brands! Use our expert strategies & tactics for a successful Black Friday 2023.

Read <imajery>’s digital marketing holiday guide for agencies and brands! Use our expert strategies & tactics for a successful Black Friday 2023.

Black Friday will soon be here to captivate the hearts of shoppers all around the world. Despite economic uncertainty, there is optimistic evidence that this year will witness another record-breaking sales extravaganza.

It's time to leverage Black Friday marketing! Keep on reading for our expert advice for digital marketing specialists and brands.


Planning Ahead: The Key to Black Friday Marketing Success

Digital marketing specialists need to plan well in advance to take advantage of this unprecedented shopping season. Spoiler alert: you're already late! By planning ahead, brands get noticed and stand out among the multitude of competing offers. 

Marketers must have all the possible data to know where to best invest their efforts. Make the most of GA4 data to gather actionable insights. Discover new features GA4 now offers after transitioning from UA.

Charts and data that can be found in Google Analytics 4
Example of Google Analytics 4 Data

The Looming Recession: Turning Challenges into Opportunities

The current economic uncertainties have left many brands worried about their prospects for Black Friday 2023 sales. However, history has shown that Black Friday can be a beacon of hope during tough times. Consumers often view this day as a chance to grab fantastic deals and stretch their budgets. 

Brands must be sensitive to customers' financial concerns and offer deals that provide real value. A well-thought-out marketing campaign can inspire confidence in customers and motivate them to make purchases, even during challenging economic times.


Early Prospecting: Winning Over the Savvy Shopper

In a digital era where information is at our fingertips, savvy shoppers start researching Black Friday deals months in advance. To capitalize on this trend, marketers need to invest in early prospecting. By teasing customers with sneak peeks, countdowns, and exclusive previews, brands can build anticipation and generate excitement leading up to the big day. Early bird deals can entice consumers to bookmark their favourite brands and ensure that they are ready to shop when the clock strikes Black Friday.


Build Your Assets: Humans Are Visual

We like aesthetic things that make us feel something. This means you can't skimp on creating stunning visuals and captivating copy when planning your campaigns. Dazzle your audience with graphics, videos and ad copy that hooks them from the start and stands out from the crowd.

Make the most of new AI tools like Chat GPT for copy inspiration or to fight writer's block while incorporating your marketing and writing expertise in the process.

Various Black Friday marketing subject lines suggested by Chat GPT
Example of a Chat GPT answer

Surviving Traffic Spikes: Stress-Test Your Website 

Your website is about to experience an influx of traffic. Are you prepared? Depending on your conversion goals, verify your checkout or form submission process from start to finish. Not sure how to proceed? Reach out to our development team here at <imajery>.


Unlocking Smart Campaign Potential

Machine learning is here to help, especially with the rise of Smart campaigns in the last few years. A successful launch will depend on the foundation you built pre-launch. The more assets tested and data collected, the better your campaign's performance will be in the launch phase.

A successful launch will also depend on how you maximize your time with automated tools.

While you can use Chat GPT in pre-launch, make sure to use Meta & Google's tools in the launch phase to automatically activate deals for you. Outsource your busy work to bots!

Screenshot showing where rules are in Google Ads for Black Friday 2023
Google Ads Automated Rules in Interface (Source: PromoNavi Blog)

Mastering Time Management: Embrace the Unpredictable 

Proper time management is essential for staying productive and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. While planning your schedule, it's crucial to be mindful of the unexpected events that might arise. Amid your tightly packed calendar, leaving room for flexibility can save you from undue stress and keep you prepared for any last-minute changes that might come your way.


Keeping the Momentum: Boosting Sales After Black Friday 2023

Just because Black Friday 2023 is over doesn't mean your marketing efforts should be. Receiving gifts in time for the holidays will now be top of mind for shoppers, and many other offers and opportunities should be made available to all the traffic recently acquired.

Emphasize clearance deals, highlight holiday shipping deadlines and close some sales with end-of-season last-chance offers. Note that your Boxing Day messaging will be key to keeping people's interest at this time.


A Toast to Black Friday 2023: Celebrate & Optimize for Next Year

After a successful Black Friday marketing campaign, it's time to celebrate with your hardworking staff. Acknowledge their wins, from optimized campaigns to record-breaking sales and new buyers. Take a breather and savour the accomplishments before diving back in.

Now, armed with a wealth of data, perform a post-mortem analysis to identify what worked and what didn't. Evolve successful strategies and reconfigure any setbacks for the future. With Black Friday 2024 on the horizon, use this time to prepare, learn, and celebrate the journey to success.

Ready for record-breaking Black Friday 2023 digital marketing performance? Follow this guide or reach out to us for more support.

Remember to start early, use captivating assets, make the most of machine learning, and learn from your past campaigns!


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