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Website Launch – Xen Accounting

Imajery is proud to announce the launch of Xen Accounting’s new website.

Xen Accounting offers online accounting services specifically designed for micro businesses, consultants & freelancers. CPA & CA registered, Xen makes accounting exciting by bringing traditional accounting services into the cloud. They are the new breed of accountants making accounting more convenient, simple and understandable. They refuse to charge per minute or per hour. Xen approaches their services with a fixed-fee monthly subscription allowing them to offer more value-added services.

What’s unique about Xen is that their services are tailored towards microbusinesses (businesses with less than 5 employees), consultants and freelancers. Xen brings new and exciting online technologies to their clients to make accounting more accessible and less daunting.


Beyond Imajery’s engagement in designing their website, we are creating and managing Xen’s marketing campaign focused mainly through Google’s Adwords platform.

Imajery specializes in offering full solutions for our clients guiding them through the design process through to the marketing phase. Feel free to explore our services to learn more about what Imajery can provide for your business.