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Website Launch – Sportive Plus

Imajery is proud to announce the launch of the newly redesigned website for Sportive Plus.

Sportive Plus has been the leader in sportswear for plus size women (size 14+) for 15 years.

Based out of Quebec, Sportive Plus has developed a distinctive product building a prominent reputation in the plus size sportswear niche. Sportive Plus offers a complete range of sportswear providing comfort and satisfaction for active women.

Sportive Plus’ mission is to end the quest of all active women searching for comfortable clothes; to offer comfortable, quality and stylish sportswear at the lowest price; and to continually research and develop original, well-adapted and fashionable products.

Beyond Imajery’s engagement in redesigning their website, we are creating and managing Sportive Plus’ marketing campaign focused mainly through Google’s Adwords platform.

Imajery specializes in offering full solutions for our clients guiding them through the design process through to the marketing phase. Feel free to explore our services to learn more about what Imajery can provide for your business.