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Promoting Your Mobile App: Some Marketing Tips

The mobile app market is huge. How huge? It’s estimated that the mobile app market will be valued at $27 billion for 2013 . That’s a lofty number but with more than 30 million app downloads per day and more than 600 apps added to Apple’s App Store per day; it’s a competitive market out there.

With numbers like that you shouldn’t rely solely on app stores as your main promotional platform. The overall strategy needs to be bigger and fully encompassing of various different marketing channels. These tips will help guide you towards maximizing your reach and ultimately getting those much desired downloads.

Mobile Device Detection

We are able to detect the device people use to visit our websites now. What’s great about this is that you can now create pop ups or prompts when users visit your website. These can be used to promote your app or even promote the future release of an app by incentivizing people to provide their emails for your email marketing campaigns.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is still a very effective way to promote your products and services to potential customers. In fact, email marketing is still way above most other online advertising methods providing superior conversion rates while also giving you full control over your message and presentation.

Email marketing can help you recruit testers, promote your launch day or even facilitate feedback about your app. Have an email marketing campaign for your beta testing, pre-launch, launch day and post-launch. Beta-testing for recruiting testers and facilitating their feedback directly; pre-launch to inform your email subscribers one week before launch day; launch day with links to all mobile app stores (iTunes, Google Play, Windows Store, etc.); and post launch thanking your subscribers encouraging reviews and feedback and also to promote updates.

Facebook Mobile App Install Ads

Take advantage of the power of Facebook to reach your audience using Facebook’s mobile ap. Facebook mobile app install ads help you get right in front of people on their Facebook feeds. The set-up is very simple and like all other Facebook ads, you’re able to target your audience quite well.

Get Social

Make a list of influential people in the industry: app designers, developers, technology journalists and anyone who covers technology and who has a large and dedicated following. Don’t just limit yourself to standard tech journalists. In the app world, most key players know each other and by connecting with them you will help create some buzz and get them talking to each other about your wonderful new app. Using Twitter for this is awesome as it’s a great way to promote yourself while publicly tweeting known figures. If/when they respond, their tweets will be viewed by their many followers.

Encourage App Reviews

By getting social and discussing your app with prominent industry figures, try to get them to review your app. Send personalized messages to key industry figures with promo codes to download your app for free. Also, don’t forget to include your media kit.

Media Kits

Take a note out of traditional PR and create press kits for your pre-release and release. Reviewers don’t have enough time to hunt around for information or screenshots. As such, providing them with media kits will make the information you want to convey easily available and congestible. Include a high-quality app icon, important and relevant screenshots of the app in action (but don’t inundate them with too many), include a press release providing some history and major functionalities of the app and include a company profile with links to videos and social media accounts.

Affiliate Marketing & Ad Exchanges

There are a lot of great ad exchanges out there with access to high volume websites like TechCrunch or other technology websites. These allow you to specifically target audiences with interests in technology and mobile phone news. These ad exchanges tend to offer CPM – Cost per Thousand – banner ads on their network.

Google Click-to-Download AdWords

These ads only work with enhanced campaigns and the App promotion template makes it easier for people to download your mobile apps. It allows users to download apps from the iTunes or Google Play Store. These ads allow you to show your app icon alongside your ad text encouraging users to download your app. These ads help improve relevant impressions as they are device specific. Ads targeting Android users will not be displayed for iOS users and vice versa.

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