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Social Media at Imajery

Imajery has strategies and techniques to Engage.

Our selected strategies have shown to be the Fastest Path To Social ROI.

At Imajery, we’re devoted to building an active & engaged fan base so you can convert fans into customers!

Social Page Creation

Customize your social media pages to match the look and feel of your website. Social Media takes many forms. Google+, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest and more. Now is the age of Social Media and your business can’t be left behind! Imajery will develop your social media presence and help manage it for long term growth.

Custom Tab Development

Facebook allows page owners to create a custom tabs where clicks from their promotional content such as Facebook Ads and Suggested Posts will lead to. A custom tab as a landing page ensures that your customer finds a more focused and targeted message. The more focused the advertising, the better the chances of converting leads to sales.

Fan Engagement

Our social media services concentrate on fan involvement with the use of sweepstakes giveaways, photo contests in order to grow your fan base, email subscribers, and brand awareness.