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Search Engine Marketing
at Imajery

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising campaigns offer the fastest rate of return on your advertising spend. An optimized, managed campaign will often rank as your best advertising channel.

Working with Montreal businesses, Imajery has developed in depth knowledge and experience setting up and managing PPC search engine marketing campaigns and can help you streamline your online marketing strategy. Based on your budget and goals, we use all the major platforms available today

LinkedIn Ads

With over 200 million users and the ability to target users based on their job skills and industry the quality of leads from LinkedIn can often outperform all other advertising media, even Google AdWords.
The success of Linkedin ads is more prominent for B2B companies because most people are on LinkedIn for business, ie they are updating their current employment profile, networking with their employees, colleagues, suppliers, customers or potential customers etc

If your target audience is concentrated around the CEOs, leaders of large and small companies, or managers then LinkedIn is for you.

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Bing adCenter

We, here at Imajery, are delighted to be working with Bing as a certified Bing Ads Partner. As part the world’s second largest search engine, Bing Ads is a great addition to any online marketing campaign.
Our experience shows that cost per conversion can be up to 60% lower than Google Adwords. This is something that your business needs to take advantage of today!

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Facebook Ads

Facebook is the number one visited site on the internet. The potential with Facebook advertising is huge, and forever changing to suit businesses needs.

If you’re a B2C business then advertising with Facebook Ads can provide your business with the new source of revenue you’ve been looking for.

Our social media services concentrate on fan involvement with the use of sweepstakes giveaways, photo contests, as well as traditional Facebook ads and Suggested Posts in order to grow your fan base, email subscribers, and brand awareness.
The advantage of Facebook ads is the ability to target exactly the kind of audience you want to reach. With the right targeting, it means that your ads will be shown to the people most interested in your services.

Google AdWords

Capitalize on users search intent and get your ad seen on the search results. Imajery are Google Adwords certified and guarantee continual optimization to your online advertizing campaign maximizing the return on your investment.
We combine our optimization techniques with our advanced Google Analytics setup to track paid users behaviors to give you a strong insight into how people browse, share and engage with your online store.
If you’re having trouble setting up Adwords, choosing your target keywords, or want to improve your ROI, look to Imajery to develop solutions to grow your business by bringing in real customers who are looking to buy what you’re selling.