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Analytics & Reporting
at Imajery

Google Analytics enables you to monitor how people found your site, how they explored it and how you can enhance their visitor experience. This essential toolset allows you to get the most out of your website.

Google Analytics integrates with Google Adwords, Google Adsense and Google Webmaster Tools to offer a comprehensive set of analysis methods to help develop marketing strategies and increase the ROI of your website.

At Imajery, we are well-versed in web analytics, having installed and optimized the full Google suite for over 50 enterprises – from small online stores to world class hotels in New York City. We are ambitious in our usage of these tools to help increase the value of your online presence and even generate new revenue streams.

Mobile Tracking

Similarly, more users than ever are browsing the web on mobile devices. In fact, in some countries mobile browsing is becoming more popular than desktop browsing because of the portability and cost of these devices.

We combine our mobile development techniques with tracking of mobile user behavior to give you a strong insight into how people browse, share and engage with sites on their mobile devices. We help develop strategies to take advantage of this powerful and growing trend.

Custom Reporting and Behaviour Visualization

We provide a powerful set of Custom Reports tailored to your company’s unique needs. Custom Reports are designed to produce the data that matters to you. Since every business and web platform is different, customized reporting is extremely valuable to represent key angles that identify with your core business.

Flow visualization and graphs in your Custom Reports, help you read between the lines and offer a revealing visual insight that is often lost in standard table reporting.

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Social Engagement

More than ever, the Internet is a social environment. Customers are continuously sharing their experiences online about services they use. This viral marketing scene is an essential and powerful tool to be harnessed.

We bolster your social networking presence and with Analytics, demonstrate how social engagement increases traffic to your site and leads to conversions.