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When we began our quest to find the perfect social media tool for <imajery>, we thought it would be simple. Turns out there was a lot more to it than just a quick Google search. There are an abundance of platforms out there, and not all of them are created equally.

Before we continue, let us break down what our digital agency needed in a social media management platform. We needed a tool that:

  • Provided KPIs / metric reporting
  • Allowed collaboration with our clients
  • Supported video posting
  • Provided a simple solution for posting carousel and Instagram stories (since Instagram does not permit auto-publishing for these types of posts)
  • Included time of day/day of week posting optimization
  • Included hashtag optimization
  • Included link tracking

After what felt like endless research, we managed to narrow down our options to a top 4. The tools that met most of our criterias were: Buffer, Sendible, Later and Iconosquare.

Then came the testing. Our findings? Read on to find out about our experience with each, as well as our original platform, Hootsuite!


What we liked about it:

  • Cross platform posting - You can choose multiple social medias at the same time for convenience.

Our deal breakers:

  • Posting stories and carousel ads on Instagram was not efficient.
Screenshot of Hootsuite social media tool


What we liked about it:

  • The platform seemed to meet most of our criterias
  • Later also had helpful articles on their website answering the questions we had about the platform, which is always a good sign!

Our deal breakers:

  • No cross platform posting
  • The interface was a bit confusing and not very intuitive.
Screenshot of Later social media tool


What we liked about it:

  • Cross platform posting
  • Ideal for collaborating with clients
  • Easy-to-use interface

Our deal breakers:

  • None!
Screenshot of Sendible social media tool


What we liked about it:

  • Met most of our criterias (apart from link tracking)

Our deal breakers:

  • You need to download the mobile app in order to receive carousel and story push notifications
  • It worked via a push notification system, which is not ideal
  • The platform is only for Instagram and Facebook and not other social medias
Screenshot of Iconosquare social media tool


What we liked about it:

  • Met most of our criterias

Our deal breakers:

  • You need to download the mobile app in order to receive carousel and story push notifications
  • The interface wasn’t very intuitive
Screenshot of Buffer social media tool
Illustration of a trophy with the sendible logo on it

So after all our free trials had expired, there was one very clear winner that met all our needs… Sendible! And after further consultation with one of their representatives, we actually discovered it’s far more powerful than we anticipated. Our quest was successful and we ended up getting above and beyond what we initially set out to find.

If you’ve tried a social media management platform, or have any questions, we would love to hear from you!

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